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With mobile phones and devices reaching ninety-percent saturation worldwide, consumers are conducting more business, personal communication and shopping while on the go using their phones. Mobile users are constantly using their phones to search for valued information, product features, comparison shopping, making purchases, and even personal banking.

As a mobile marketer, you have the opportunity to engage with this mobile audience and provide them with timely, value driven information where they want it. Location-based advertising and SMS messaging can deliver promotional discounts to consumers at the time they are ready to purchase. Most mobile users report wanting to receive discount offers on their phone for products, goods, and services they need.

Take time to explore our site! You will find information you can use to plan and implement your mobile marketing program today. If you are new to mobile marketing, our articles, and resources introduce you to the basics of mobile marketing and provide you with terms and definitions you need to understand the effectiveness of mobile marketing promotions. Of course, we also provide information on the importance of understanding the laws and regulations surrounding mobile communication, after all no one likes SPAM and we want to help you and your company avoid that label!

For mobile marketers looking for news regarding the challenges and opportunities they face in designing a mobile marketing plan we offer resources exploring near field communication, the challenges of mobile devise diversity, and touch on the subject of debate between using a mobile website or a mobile app to reach your audience-you may need both! Further resource may help you decide if you need a mobile marketing company to help in setting up and monitoring your marketing plan. While you may not need a full service marketing company, our research shows major advantages in a SMS company to help you understand SMS promotions and wade through the often-times complicated red tape you need if you apple for private short codes. SMS Marketing: Explore the Possibilities explores the advantages of SMS messaging as a mobile market tool and The Scoop on SMS Marketing Definitions not only defines terms but offers pros and cons to using random short codes or private short codes for your business.

The field of mobile marketing is relatively new and enjoying explosive growth. As with all growth, there is sure to be a few obstacles and growing pains along the way. Still, now is the time for you and your company to get involved! No need to feel overwhelmed! Check out Mobile Marketing Trends in a Mobile Society. When you are ready to venture into or expand a mobile marketing plan, we are here to help!